Montessori Flexible Daycare

From 2 – 5 years. The teaching is based on the philosophy of Dr Maria Montessori  (1870 – 1952) she said “the most important period of life, is not the age of university studies, but the first one – the period from birth to the age of five years.”  We aim to meet each child individual needs and each area is designed to ensure that all children have continuous access to sensory, exploratory, creative and social activities, in line with Ofsted policies. Each child will be assessed on their individual needs and will move from area on their abilities and not age.

We ensure that our staff have the appropriate qualifications and life skills. We operate a key-worker system to ensure respectful and loving relationships are formed from the start.

Strong links with home are encouraged in this age group and partnerships with parents are actively promoted at all times. A daily report sheet is produced and opportunities are regularly provided for parents/carers ask staff for advice and support. A mobile phone system is in place for you to contact the nursery at anytime, to ensure you can contact your child s key worker at any time during their stay with us. 

Full day care is provided flexibly from 8 am – 6 pm Monday – Friday. We operate a free flow system at times in this nursery, so that children can interact with different ages and develop to their full potential. We have a dedicated restaurant area, where all the children meet and socialise during meal times. This area is also used for baking and other food related activities the Montessori room is also within the side room which provides a quiet area, dedicated to develop the educational needs of each child.

NEG free funding places available at this site. Please ask for more information.

Direct mobile: 07720 053917

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