Candystripe childcare Leeds

Candystripe childcare

Candystripe childcare Leeds

Candystripe childcare Leeds

Candystripe childcare Leeds

Candystripe childcare Leeds

Candystripe childcare

Rates for Childcare Services



Prices start from


Candystripe Cottage   Montessori Nursery *


Open 8am - 6pm Flexible childcare with wrap around care

 Candystripe Cottage behind Toby Carvery Harrogate Road Leeds, LS7 3PT

2 – 5 years places available

36 places offered across 2 areas within the setting

Ofsted registered since 2004

Quality, highly qualified staff

DBS checks completed

All staff are first aid qualified

5 star review with food hygiene in place

Cook onsite during term time

We are open for 39 weeks of the year as a term time nursery and we can also offer 13 spaces every holiday period for playscheme for those parents who need more care.

We can also offer lunch for payment of an extra hour each day and extra fee if required.

We offer funding and also the new 30-hour entitlement funding.

Please email for more information on or use our contact us page in the CONTACT page of this website.

 Fees change every July this years changes now listed.

£5.10 per hour wrap around care. Collection service available for extra fee. Changes to £5.30 per hour Sept 2019.

Full day £47.00 8am-6pm  including lunch.

2019 changes to £50.00

Playgroup only every morning term time - £13.20 per session* changes every Sept this year to £15 per session 9-12

Party Shop

 If you would prefer to run your party at home don't forget we can help out with party bags.

Call Anna on 0113 268 9443 for more information.

 Bespoke party bags available price on enquiry 
 Bespoke packages

We pride ourselves on flexible childcare which suits the busy parent.  

Email your requirements to for a quote.

We can for example wrap all your childcare needs per year into 11 instalments so this helps you to budget your childcare better.

Bespoke packages

Holiday Playschemes


Traditional Playschemes
Adventure/themed weeks or gaming weeks are charged separately. 

At Candystripe we pride ourselves in caring for children with all abilities. If you feel your child may need some extra support we have an qualifed SENCO on site who can assess your childs needs and put support strategies in place. We will work with parents to ensure we deliver a high quality inclusive service.

We have a extention to the main building, where we would advise some complex needs would benefit from. Due to the calm, focoused environment. If this services is needed it will be charged at a rate of £32.50 as the same as nursery. 

From July onwards the price for the playscheme changes to:

£27.00 per day

sibling discount £1 per day

Half day £22 for any 5 hours

Nursery Playscheme £34.50 per day inc lunch

£27 full day / £20 from 1st July 2019 this changes to £30 full day / £22 5 hours and sibling discount £1 

£20 per half a day (equals any 5 hours) £22 from 1st July 2019

Prices increase every July 1st but if bookings made prior to this date current year prices will be honoured up until the end of the summer of that year.

Please provide a packed lunch for your child/children or further charges will be made.

Lunch can be provided if pre booked and will be charged at £3.80 per child.

£1 sibling rate full days **

Nursery places for children under 5 ares available up to 13 places each day with qualified EYFS staff. SENCO places are also available up to 4 a day and depend on a full assesment basis. We are an inclusive setting.

The charge is full day only and is £34.50 per day £36.50 from 1st July 2019. This includes lunch and snacks.

Out of School Care



Candystripe Cottage catering for St Matthews, Chapel Allerton, Immaculate Heart and St Urbans
7.30am - 9.00am breakfast club and
3.00pm-6.00pm after school

Lidgett Park Church Catering for Moortown, Gledhow and Immaculate Heart
7.30am - 9.00am breakfast club and
3.00pm-6.00pm after school

Immaculate Heart (Lidgett Park Church and Cottage)
7.30am - 9.00am breakfast club always at Candystripe Cottage and
3.00pm-6.00pm after school at Lidgett Park Church or Candystripe Cottage

Talbot  on site at the school
7.30am - 9.00am breakfast club and
3.00pm-6.00pm after school

Gledhow offsite at Lidgett Park Church

7.30am - 9.00am breakfast club from Lidgett park Church

3.00pm-6.00pm after school on site

Whinmoor St Pauls - onsite at the school breakfast club £5.00 from 7.45am and     After school club £8.00 up to 5.30 and    £8.50 up until 6pm (sibling discounts of £50p apply).

Breakfast clubs £6.10 and £5.60 for siblings

Sept 2019 £6.40 / £5.90

After school £9.50 until 5.30pm and £10.20 until 6pm

Sept 20189 £9.80 until 5.30 and £10.50 until 6pm

50p sibling discount applies per sibling

See details of Whinmoor St Pauls in previous column. The charge here is different.

Ad Hoc sessions are charged with a £1.50 extra per child.  We will NOT always be able to support extra sessions. It is dependent on availability and ratios and the decision the management make is final and in place to safeguard your child / children.

AM sessions at Talbot are £6.40 per session and £5.90 for siblings

PM sessions at Talbot until 5.30pm £10.80 /  sibling £10.30

until 6pm £11.50 / £11.00 for sibling

AM sessions St Pauls  are £6.00 / £5.50

PM sessions St Pauls are £9.00 / £8.50 until 5.30pm

until 6pm £9.50 / 9.00



 Due to the expansion of our parties we no longer offer a playgym service and apologise for this change.

We only offer private party packages from now on (changed July 2017)


Parties at the Cottage


We do not offer a public playgym we dedicate it to our parties on weekends.


We also close every August for parties for refurbishment work.

Come on and have some fun in our traditional, disco, Football, Basketball or american diner parties at Candystripe Cottage. 

We only offer private parties at Candystripe so you can invite family and friends and use the time to get together too.

We also offer party food and drinks for adults.  We cannot allow anyone to bring in their own food at any time.

Prices currently start from £9.50 per child per hour

Large private parties 20+ head currently £180.00 for a private party for 20 children and £110 for a private party for up to 10 children.

Prices change in Sept 2019 to:                                                large parties £200 with extra children charged £10 oer child and smaller parties 10+ £130 for first 10 children and then £10 per head thereafter.

Ask about our football parties now available every Sunday £18 per head and includes an FA Accredited Football Coach.


*grant funding available on this site for 2, 3 and 4 years enquire within. We will offer the 30 hour funding with limited places and at the discretion of the management team.  It will be offered after confirmation is received from each customer after checking their eligibility. A code must be provided by the customer and kept in date. This is term time only 38 weeks of the year set by the LCC Grant department and the Government

** half a day equals any 5 hour block through the day and one which is also acceptable as long as staffing allows. This is not including nursery or SEN playscheme which are only full days.


Contact us on 0113 268 9443 or