Term Time Montessori

Call 0113 268 9443 for more information.

Term time from 2 years – 5 years. This site is based at 201a Harrogate  Road, Chapel Allerton Leeds, LS7 3PT (behind the Toby Carvery).  This site is a toddlers dreamland and boasts of a full playgym and fun atmosphere.  The toddler areas are designed to incorporate the Montessori approach to learning, by promoting age appropriate independence, individual learning paths and self selected activities, which encourage each child to progress at his/her pace.

Using this approach, children develop the three respects:

  1. Respect for their environment (their immediate surroundings and eventually on a larger scale)
  2. Respect for their work (the actual process as well as the completed product)
  3. Respect for themselves and each other.

We also work in accordance with the foundation stage curriculum and provide specific areas of learning using observation and assessment to plan and prepare activities. All children over two are fully integrated and we ensure that staff levels are maintained if not exceeded at all times. Children under three are on a 1:4 adult to child ratio and children over three are on a 1:8 ratio.

The site is open from 8am – 3pm term time only and is dedicated to learning through play and Montessori for this age range, it has a full playgym included on this site and is excellent for children who like to be active, but also offers a disciplined approach to learning. 

NEG free funding places available at this site. Please ask for more information.

Direct mobile: 07918 632 347.

Contact us on 0113 268 9443 or info@candystripeinc.co.uk